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The competence of the laboratory meets the requirements of ST RK ISO/IEC 17025-2007, GOST and international standards EN, BS, ASTM, AASHTO, "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories". Accreditation certificate № KZ.I.01.1472. from 21.02.2014.


We have a mobile laboratory equipped by all necessary for realization of all types of researches and tests straight on an object. That facilitates work and saves time.


Technical supervision is a complex series of events conducted over the construction process. Our services are clear to the customer. Our goal is carrying out of  monitoring to ensure:

- Unjustifiably budget and minimize spending on construction
- Execution of works of specified materials, unauthorized substitutions
- Performing work always in time
- High quality construction or repairs.
- Competent and proper control over the works

The main task of technical supervision is monitoring compliance with all construction norms and rules (CCNR)-s. Supervision of construction is carried out by our professionals who have the appropriate qualifications, certificates and all tolerances for these types of works.
Our advantages in this field:
We offer services of technical supervision (technical support) during the process of construction or repair of any object.
If You decide to carry out technical supervision over the construction process with our company, You will receive the following benefits:
- Saving your budget
- Individual attention and support at all stages
- Company's readiness to speak on the client side in any situation
- High professionalism of our employees
- 100% independence control


The main tasks that we allow to solve with the help of a technical survey is to ascertain the degree of physical wear of the various elements of the object, different factors that have influenced its current state. Assessment of actual functionality of structures and the implementation plan, to ensure performance. Grounds for technical survey may be different:
- Change of conditions of operation of the facility
- Reconstruction, restoration, modernization, major repairs of object
- Need to assess the suitability of buildings for further use, to determine the degree of wear on all items
- Change in the intensity of loads acting on the object
- Certification of facilities, etc
Our highly qualified specialists will conduct technical inspection, using the appropriate and modern equipment, and will allow You to minimize the potential threat in the form of technological disasters at the facility, accidents, structural collapse.
Methods of performing technical inspection may be different, the choice of specific methods and tools is dependent on operation of the facility, environmental conditions, and specific objectives of the survey assigned to the contractor by the customer.
Technical inspection of buildings and constructions of any type, the destination and the area is one of the important activities of the company LLC "Zertec". Due to the presence of highly skilled professionals, equipped with the latest equipment, we always perform tasks at the highest level and with the set time frame.


What is supervision?
We ordered supervision, you are exempt from the problems of repair and construction. You calmly go about their business, resting, or traveling. You don't waste your precious time and your nerves, the constant checking, coordination of the current issues of object construction. You're not worried: "What must be done? Is everything all right?"
Our architects, designers, engineers accompany your construction site with regular monitoring. Monitor compliance with all design decisions and quality of work at all stages of construction, repair or decoration. Every week we send You photo and video reports from construction sites. Our professionals have extensive experience in creating turnkey, all structures, buildings and interiors in the absence of customers who may be anywhere in the world.
Architectural supervision is carried out throughout the duration of the construction works and input of object in operation. The main purpose of supervision is to ensure the full compliance of construction and finishing project decisions, approved by the customer.
Our advantages. The customer with this service receives special supervision of construction work on the project. In supervision includes:
- Planned visit to the construction site, at least 1-2 times a week
- Visits on call of the Customer or the General Contractor to solve urgent current issues
- Adjustments and changes to the project (if necessary)
- Logging of works on the construction site
- Trips to the orders of decorative materials and products



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